Stantastic is a Stanton sibling food festivist to finally determine which is the better of the two coasts. Alex and Megan are Stanton siblings. They grew up together in Pittsburgh in a family of well versed cooks and gardeners. Alex is a musician, Megan is a corporate strategist. Megan moved to Los Angeles in 2005 and the two keep in touch rarely but parallel each others cooking habits on rivaling coasts. With this blog they can now keep in better touch and push each other to become better cooks.

Megan is a young careerist living in Long Beach, realizing the wonders of fresh fare and reading ahead. Cooking satisfies an unmet need for instant gratification. She has an all-year round container garden that takes care of fresh herbs, greens, and limes. She’s known for trying big things and throwing a mean dinner party but she is absolutely hopeless at making bread. You can also find her here: Yelp!AmazonGoogle ReaderLinkedIn

Alex is an independent musician from Pittsburgh. Like the rest of us, he eats to stay alive but occasionally spends a stupid amount of time on it.  He enjoys breakfast, knife fighting, and writing in the third person.  He has no garden and very little money (see aforementioned climate and career choice).  Cooking to him as about desperately trying to compete with the culinary genius of Megan and The Primanti Brothers.  Take Guitar Lessons from him!

Guest Bloggers on Stantastic are close relatives and family friends that enjoy, encourage, and critique the food that we make and challenge us by making better food. We feel fortunate to have amazing voices like these in our daily lives. The reality of our blog is that these folks are shopping, pouring, photographing, and improving our output all of the time. You’ve probably already read about Steve and Danielle in various posts, they’re our amazingly patient and deeply creative significant others. In addition to these guys we have a family and network of cooks, mixologists, and makers that we think you’ll enjoy hearing from!

Steve and Danielle (below) are both drink aficionados. Steve is known for his bourbon obsession/collection, cocktails, and punch. Danielle is known for her beer craft, consumption, and connoisseurship. They’re both knowledge bombs of fun factoids and never fail to find the perfect drink compliment and/or concoction.

Marc and Mark (below) are best friends and fixtures at our mother’s house in Pittsburgh. They’re both cultural influencers, creatives, and critics. They keep us honest. They’ve had amazing meals all over the world, ridiculously successful careers, and an impressive breadth of life experiences.

Nanni (below) is our grandmother and the matriarch of an enormous extended family. Known for whipping up an amazing daily spread for 7 children and a handful of hungry friends. Nanni taught the whole family how to cook. As far as we seek and as hard as we try we’ve been unable to find or match Nanni’s famous Gaspacho, Potato Leek Soup, Pop Overs, or our childhood favorite, “Magic Cookies” (Meringue).

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