Danielle and I recently went to Italy. Lots of food, walking, looking at old things, having fun trying to communicate in our rudimentary Italian, and daydrinking (the red underline I currently see means that word hasn’t yet made the dictionary). Over the course of 10 days we took a bunch of touristy pictures of the colosseum and the canals in Venice, as well as pictures of people taking those same pictures:

but this is after all a food blog, so most of these shots are food related (if you’d like to see the ruins of Pompeii I suggest Google images). It really is true about the food being good everywhere, from lamb shank pasta with super authentic tiny bone shards, to some  unbelievable restaurants intentionally hidden from the mobs of out-of-towners, to the pizza we had at 4am in the airport on the way out, it was all amazing. Some highlights:

Napolean pizza from some teenage cousins who opened their restaurant in Pompei a half hour early for us (and to watch Cucina Con Buddy AKA Cake Boss).

Spinach pasta and Steak Flourentine prepared by Gabrig, our eccentric airBNB host.

Osso Buco, also in Firenze at tiny tucked in Buca dell’Orafo.

This is what you get when you take a seat outside this restaurant in Venice and say ‘yes’ when the guy asks if you’d like the fish (he also says ‘yes’ to your 60 Euro).

One of our favorite dinners was Trattoria Da Georgio in Florence.

Seafood market in Venice…

…that also offers horse meat.

Our Hotel in Pompei offered us fresh orange juice from their trees out back, they where somewhat surprised when we took one sip and sprinted out back to take pictures.

Oddly enough this deli-bought cold pasta could have been the best thing we had.

Sfogliatelle, the signature pastry of Napoli.

I did my best to research where to go and what to eat in each place we visited. Some places were slam dunks, and some of them were aborted after peering in to see the chef alone on a barstool playing Angry Birds or Temple Run while people were spilling out on the street trying to get a table next door.  Venice being the ultimate tourist destination/trap was a bit harder to figure out where and what to eat with out being taken for a sap (io non sono turista!) until I stumbled on this article from The Guardian. The key is to basically just tiny sandwich’s, raw fish bites, and meatballs as you go from wine bar to wine bar. We ended up hitting 5-6 or these places, the first night just to have drinks, which sounds nicer than just saying to drink, and the second night to go back and get all of the food we missed by being too full after the huge plate of fish. In particular the spicy fried meatballs or ‘polpette’ from Ca’ll D’oro. This we agreed was the best food item of the trip, and perhaps the best food item of all time.

These were the meatballs.

Must have more!

Immediately upon returning home with the taste fresh in our mouths we tried to recreate these amazing balls. We found a recipe that used a mixture of pork and beef, and spiced them with cayenne and tons of pepper. These were pretty amazing, but not quite spicy enough… The search continues.

Other fun pictures:

A brief respite from pasta.

This is actually the church in polish hill…

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