Beer Pancakes & Coffee-off

Picked up this trick over the holidays at mom’s. We always have big family breakfasts with 2-3 random friends and piles of whatever we can find in the fridge. Mom whipped out an old school recipe for Beer Pancakes, which I didn’t instantly remember as such but did remember the result of. Steve fell in love with them, can’t blame the guy, they were undoubtedly delicious. Sundays are usually a big breakfast day for us in Long Beach. I volunteer Saturday mornings at the Marine Mammal Care Center as an animal care giver, and thus Steve is usually the lunch chef on Saturdays. We’ve been through a series of habits for Sundays. For a while we’d bike down to Polly’s, a local coffee roaster, pick up a New York Times, split it in half and then give each other best-of’s from what we read. That tradition made way to a quick fascination with an adorable little breakfast place nestled in the Belmont Heights neighborhood. For a while we went through piles of french toast, then grits, then biscuits, and most recently pancakes.

The beer pancakes I made to spec, but I did learn that fresh baking soda is really important. Maybe more so than usual or maybe I just stretched those tires until they started to chord. Give them a good whisk too, I had a few chunks, but they work their way out and make for some fun, as they exploded little beer bombs in the frying pan (see below).

Heath Ceramics has a retail outlet in Hollywood, without realizing who they were we stumbled in for my love of brightly colored bowls. In addition to picking up some goldfish cracker bowls (no joke), some jars, and lusting over Natalie Chanin place-mats that were $150 a piece, we added a bag of Blue Bottle coffee to the cart. Gasp. We’ve never tried it before. We live in the land of Intelligentsia, it’s not exactly lying around. When stowing it in the coffee pile we noticed that we had a comparably aged and roasted bag of True Beans, a long beach outfit that aspires to be so well recognized. So we had a taste-off of peruvian black coffees with our beer pancakes, a part of the experience which I would highly recommend.

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  1. Danielle says:

    I really like this post. Maybe because it makes me think of those breakfasts… maybe because I love beer… maybe because I love coffee and pancakes. D: all of the above.
    Also- happy PI day. It’s the one year anniversary of our 3.14 delicious, decadent pies.

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