Beef & Broccoli, Because Alex Only Likes The Tops

This super quick and delicious Beef and Brocoli recipe from Steamy Kitchen is for those, like Alex, who prefer just the ‘florets’ of the broccoli. Which I’ve always wondered….What is your take on dim sum style Gai-Lan Al? It’s pretty much topless. I always find myself waving wildly and getting up and walking across the room to make sure that the broccoli cart swings by the table. Once I finally get it, which always feels like it’s 1/2 way through the meal I then completely struggle to eat gracefully. I haven’t been able to figure out if I truly like the dish or if I appreciate it as the only hearty green vegetable in the sea of porky, gooey, oily, bready, noodly ….. I’m not sure what….. What is it that I eat at Dim Sum? Besides chicken feet.

I am an asian faire freshman, unforgivable for a long term resident of LA who has enormous cuisine-specific grocery stories of cheap authentic ingredients at my disposal. For example when we realized salmon ‘caviar’ was $29 at whole foods it took one trip to a korean grocery store to get five times the amount for half the price. Beef and Brocoli is a pretty smooth first gig though, I had to buy a couple of ingredients but nothing super exotic, and the prep was smooth sailing. I get the feeling that a few times through might code it to memory. Which I’m sure Steve would be a big fan of. Or maybe just a giant plate of beef sauce would suffice?

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  1. Alex says:

    I haven’t had dim sum enough times to identify anything other than the uber-obvious chicken feet. Perhaps the broccoli was that thing that didn’t have bones in it (you know the one). I have also never taken a stab at Asian faire, so I guess it’s a challenge!

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