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Beef & Broccoli, Because Alex Only Likes The Tops

This super quick and delicious Beef and Brocoli¬†recipe from Steamy Kitchen is for those, like Alex, who prefer just the ‘florets’ of the¬†broccoli. Which I’ve always wondered….What is your take on dim sum style Gai-Lan Al? It’s pretty much topless. … Continue reading

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Leftover Tamale Omletes

Oh how I love omelets. I’ve been making them since the first day I was old enough to touch the stove (I think I was 17). My style of omelet creation has been through many changes, funnily, each time I … Continue reading

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Dietastic West

Counter to typical expectations of Los Angelinos, Steve and I have not yet participated in a master cleanse, nor have we lived as vegans, attempted to eat raw, gluten free, or local only. We do live on a California diet … Continue reading

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