One day when I’ve ruined 10,000 dishes I dream that I’ll be a learned speed chef. 30 min flat. Fresh pasta, soufflé, ice cream custard… Somehow the learning and the speeding are not building upon one another in the way that I originally imagined. Too often what we end up eating is a rushed and oddly reminiscent rendition of what was originally intended.

Gyoza should be an amazingly fast dinner. Pop an Asahi, done. Unless of course you try to make 35 instead of 12 and cook them all at once so that they stick and puff and turn into one huge Gyoza. Unlike an omelet that is so easy to turn into a scramble, I wasn’t sure how to fix my Gyozilla. We ate conjoined Gyozas that refused to be separated in groups. As a rule I’d start with a row of 5 so that they can all fit on a spatula.

Blend together:

  • Ground Pork (or shrimp)
  • Green Onions (and/or cabbage)
  • Ginger
  • Sesame Oil

Drop dollups into pre-made wrappers…..Wet, pinch, and fry.

Ideally they fry in a row so that they are just lightly connected on the fry side.

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