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Simple Guide to Post-Detox Retox

While detoxification is an intense process that challenges your sanity, creativity, and self discipline on a number of levels, the retoxification diet is actually quite simple:  Pizza. Pizza contains nearly all of the things that were strategically avoided these past … Continue reading

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One day when I’ve ruined 10,000 dishes I dream that I’ll be a learned speed chef. 30 min flat. Fresh pasta, soufflé, ice cream custard… Somehow the learning and the speeding are not building upon one another in the way that … Continue reading

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Working Through the Grudge Against my Garden

A synopsis of container gardening and why it’s totally worth it even though it drives me mad. I started assembling a container garden a few years back. I think it was right after I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and not … Continue reading

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Liquid Foods Galore

Since Danielle and I are stupid, we’ve decided to partake in something called The Clean Program. The basic gist is this:  21 days of liquid meals for breakfast and dinner, and solid meals for lunch. On top of that the … Continue reading

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