Danielle and I recently went to Italy. Lots of food, walking, looking at old things, having fun trying to communicate in our rudimentary Italian, and daydrinking (the red underline I currently see means that word hasn’t yet made the dictionary). … Continue reading

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Mini Garlicy Scallop Sandwiches


For a while I had a draft post sitting in the cue called “thanks Mark Bittman.” I started writing it when he retired from his full time post at New York Times. I wanted to thank him for all of … Continue reading

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Beer Pancakes & Coffee-off


Picked up this trick over the holidays at mom’s. We always have big family breakfasts with 2-3 random friends and piles of whatever we can find in the fridge. Mom whipped out an old school recipe for Beer Pancakes, which … Continue reading

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Stantastic East Southern Feast Part II


Yes its true, I made fried chicken for Stantastic before, but that time was last minute, a desperate attempt to fill the sunday night soul food void in our bellies when all soul fooderies had shuttered for the evening. This … Continue reading

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Beef & Broccoli, Because Alex Only Likes The Tops


This super quick and delicious Beef and Brocoli recipe from Steamy Kitchen is for those, like Alex, who prefer just the ‘florets’ of the broccoli. Which I’ve always wondered….What is your take on dim sum style Gai-Lan Al? It’s pretty much topless. … Continue reading

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Leftover Tamale Omletes


Oh how I love omelets. I’ve been making them since the first day I was old enough to touch the stove (I think I was 17). My style of omelet creation has been through many changes, funnily, each time I … Continue reading

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Dietastic West


Counter to typical expectations of Los Angelinos, Steve and I have not yet participated in a master cleanse, nor have we lived as vegans, attempted to eat raw, gluten free, or local only. We do live on a California diet … Continue reading

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Simple Guide to Post-Detox Retox


While detoxification is an intense process that challenges your sanity, creativity, and self discipline on a number of levels, the retoxification diet is actually quite simple:  Pizza. Pizza contains nearly all of the things that were strategically avoided these past … Continue reading

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One day when I’ve ruined 10,000 dishes I dream that I’ll be a learned speed chef. 30 min flat. Fresh pasta, soufflé, ice cream custard… Somehow the learning and the speeding are not building upon one another in the way that … Continue reading

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Working Through the Grudge Against my Garden

Yellowing Lemon

A synopsis of container gardening and why it’s totally worth it even though it drives me mad. I started assembling a container garden a few years back. I think it was right after I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and not … Continue reading

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